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Some much appreciated words from former tour participants:

“Thanks for organising such a great tour. It’s been fantastic and definitely life changing.”

“Tour guides were a highlight of the tour – very informative and exciting.”

“Stonehenge cannot be topped – an excellent experience.”

“So great to share this magical experience in the sacred south west of England.”

“The best holiday I've ever had.”

“Every day was wonderful.” 

“Glastonbury was a wonderland of magical experiences with Ronald’s (Hutton) narratives told with such enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“Stonehenge ritual so uplifting and reaffirming – atmosphere was surreal.”

“Avebury and Stonehenge an amazing experience and hard to beat. 

“St Nectan's Glen and Waterfall - what a magical place

 “Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience.

 “Loved doing ritual with Janet (Farrar) and Gavin (Bone).

 “Both Janet and Gavin were fantastic.  Their knowledge was unending, experience excellent and the down-to-earth nature with which they present themselves made the experience wonderful.

Great accommodation and met wonderful people.

Staying at Teltown House (Ireland) was wonderful.

Loved reading the well prepared hand-outs.


Lighting a candle for the Goddess
After Stonehenge Ritual