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Windrose Travel Terms & Conditions Print E-mail




It is important that you and all members of the travelling party are aware of the following terms & conditions as they may relate to all or in part to the bookings held by our office on your behalf.

All reservations have been booked under the terms & conditions laid down by the airlines and tour wholesalers. Please pay particular attention to the clauses covering amendments and cancellations. WindRose Travel reserves the right to also impose these fees.


Prices are subject to availability at the time of booking and may fluctuate due to changes in charges, taxes and currency. Prices are not guaranteed until full payment has been made. Deposits hold the reservation but do not guarantee price.

Taxes & Levies Imposed

Various countries, states towns and airports around the world and in Australia impose a variety of Security, Airport & Departure Taxes. Where applicable and possible these have been included in the cost of the airline ticket and are shown in the relevant tax boxes. There may be some variations in final costs depending on exchange rate fluctuation and the number of taxes imposed at time of ticketing. Any additional costs or taxes that occur such as departure taxes payable at airports in cash will be the responsibility of the traveller.


Passports are required for all international travel. Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of scheduled return to Australia. Travel documents and airline tickets must exactly match the name and spelling as appears in the passport.

For Passport holders other than Australian, a valid re-entry permit for Australia is required. If you have a previous criminal record you could be denied entry into your country of destination. Whilst we offer full assistance it is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure they have full and correct documentation to undertake their journey.

Special requests

If you have any special requests i.e. smoking or non-smoking room, aisle or window seat, special dietary requests or airport assistance, every attempt will be made by us to accommodate your request but as we are not the ultimate service provider we are not to guarantee the request.

Visa Requirements

Australian Passport holders may require a visa to enter some countries. Some countries allow for “visas free” stay for tourism purposes. If you are travelling on business this does not always apply. Also, if you or members of your travelling party have a recorded criminal offence entry may be denied.

It is your responsibility to obtain visas but the staff at WindRose Travel can assist you in this process.

Some consulates charge visa fees and we reserve the right to charge a service fee to cover courier costs and the like should we obtain this documentation on your behalf. Issuance of the visa is not the responsibility of your travel agent and we shall not be held responsible should you be unable to obtain the correct visa to undertake your journey.

Deportation for non-issuance or incorrect visa is at the traveller’s expense. Although many countries have visa fee entry for tourists for specified lengths of stay, entry to that country is still a port of entry decision.

Payment Options

All prices are based on payment by cash or cheque. Credit card payments are accepted however costs may vary dependant on bank charges.If you intend to pay your trip with a credit card, please advise what sort of credit card you will be using and we can then inform you of the applicable credit card charges.

Travel Insurance

Your holiday safety and enjoyment is important to us and we support the Australian Government’s recommendation that all people travelling to an overseas destination take out travel insurance. We can help you identify which is the most suitable policy for you and provide you a costing for yourself and your travelling party. Please ask your travel agent for an insurance brochure for further information.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions (as listed in insurance brochure) then cover for this issue may need approval by the insurer. We are able to provide you with a Medical Assessment Form for completion and return to us.

Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade Warnings

For reasons of political unrest, acts of war or terrorism or natural disasters in certain parts of the world, the Australian Government in conjunction with various other worldwide bodies may decide to issue a Government Advisory warning to Australian Passport holders not to travel to that country. In these instances whilst travel to some countries is not advisable and some clauses of the travel insurance coverage may not be effective, we appreciate that some clients may still need to travel to those areas. Whilst we are prepared to make these bookings on our clients’ behalf we do so without responsibility or liability. Should you wish to check travel advice for countries around the world please see You can also register on to advise dfat where and when you will be travelling.

Travellers Health Advice

Some areas of the world have special vaccination and health requirements. We recommend you contact your nearest Travellers Medical Centre or your local doctor. If you are unable to undertake travel because you do not meet the health requirements, we will not be liable for any extra costs that may be incurred.

Note: Please keep copies of correspondence relating to your holiday for your records, as issue of duplicates will incur a fee.

Thank you for choosing WindRose Travel for your holiday reservation. We look forward to making your holiday a happy and trouble free event.