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Guest Guide for Orkney


Helen Woodsford-Dean

Helen’s specialist area of interest is religion and ritual in the prehistoric British Isles.  She holds Degrees in Archaeology from the Universities of Winchester and Southampton and has over ten years’ experience teaching archaeology in further education.  Helen is also a Scottish Tourist Guide Association Green Badge Guide for Orkney.  She and her husband moved to Orkney from England in 2009 because they both felt strongly that these beautiful islands were calling to them. Helen has an exceptional knowledge of the archaeology and history of Orkney, its flora and fauna and myths and legends.  She and her husband are marriage celebrants conducting pagan handfastings with full legal status and, as the Local Organisers for the Scottish Pagan Federation, they facilitate open rituals at the Ring of Brogdar throughout the year to celebrate the major pagan festivals.  Also known as “Magpie”, her novel “Iceni” about the life of Boudicca and many articles have been published over the years including in the Pagan Dawn.  Helen’s articles can be found on her website blog page.

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   Helen Woodsford-Dean