West Country Itinerary days 10-12

Avebury - Silbury Hill - West Kennet Long Barrow -  Stonehenge - White Horse of Uffington - The Ridgeway - Wayland's Smithy

Day Ten

We will spend the day visiting Avebury. The huge circle of standing stones surrounding Avebury village is regarded as one of the greatest achievements of prehistoric Europe and is a World Heritage listed site. Guest guide Maria Wheatley will provide us with archaeological and historical information about Avebury which, during a thousand years of development, evolved into the world's largest stone circle. With Busty Taylor, Maria will use dowsing techniques to locate some of the many diverse energies that underpin the stone circles. Using dowsing rods, Maria and Busty will show us how to locate bands of energy on standing stones and also how to identify ley lines.  We will also visit the spectacular Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe, and the burial chamber of West Kennet Long Barrow.  

Day Eleven

In the morning, we will visit the beautiful White Horse of Uffington, a huge stylised 3,000 year old chalk figure carved into the hillside and which many believe is a representation of the horse Goddess, Epona. From the White Horse, we will walk across the top of the flattened hill, once an Iron Age hill fort now known as Uffington Castle, to the Ridgeway, believed to be the oldest road in Britain. A leisurely walk down the Ridgeway will take us to Wayland’s Smithy, a 5,500 year old passage tomb with massive standing stones at its entrance.

In the late afternoon, we will visit the great temple of Stonehenge. As visitors are usually obliged to keep their distance from the 4,000 year old temple and walk around it rather then go into it, we are hugely privileged to be able to enter within the circle. We will arrive before closing giving us ample time to visit in the regular way. After all the tourists have left, we will enter the temple and have exclusive access whilst participating in a sacred ritual led by a Druid Priestess. Of course, there will also be time to wander individually through the stones and engage in private meditation. Following the ritual, we will drive to the Red Lion pub in Avebury to feast and make merry.

Day Twelve

After breakfast and check out from our hotel, we once again travel to Avebury where we will have the rest of the day free. Guest Guide Bev will facilitate a guided meditation in one of Avebury’s power spots for those who wish to take part. There will of course also be ample time to visit the Alexander Keiller Museum of Avebury archaeology, the beautiful old village church of St James', 16th century Avebury Manor, revisit Silbury Hill or West Kennet Long Barrow or walk to Windmill Hill, the site of a Neolithic meeting place with Bronze Age burial mounds and wonderful views to Silbury Hill.  There are also some lovely shops in Avebury where you may wish to buy some last minute mementos or gifts. We will return to London late afternoon.