Ritual in Stonehenge


We are hugely privileged to have exclusive access to Stonehenge and, even more so, to participate in a sacred Druid rite inside the circle. Once again, our lovely Druid priestess friend, L, from the Druid Network will lead the ritual for us in 2014. 

The vast majority of the nearly 800,000 people who visit Stonehenge each year are obliged to walk around the temple on a path some distance from the stones. After all the tourists have left for the day, we will enter the circle of standing stones at around 6.30pm in the twilight of the evening.  The Druid rite will honour the spirits of place, the ancestors and the gods, enabling us to find a sense of our own connection with the sacred and divine.

Of course there will also be time to take photographs and wander through the stones.

After the ritual, we will be joined by our Druid priestess friend and go to the Red Lion pub in Avebury to feast and make merry.